Release tightness, restore function and relieve posture-related pain. 

Start today.

Start today and feel immediate improvements in your posture.

If your posture is a "pain in the neck" - stop your neck from being a sore spot.

Neck Function Fix offers you quick and easy workouts to fit your busy lifestyle. With the three unique, online and on-demand Neck Function Fix sessions you can make tissue release, targeted stretching and strengthening exercises a part of your day.

Or you can go straight to the Instant Relief sessions if you are short on time - your schedule might be tight, but your muscles do not have to be!

You can relax and release with the Full Stretching Routine also included in the program, with a list of exercises hand picked for your tight neck muscles.

This is a completely online, on-demand video training program you can take with you anywhere - do the sessions from home, while you are on break, or at the gym. 

This program is for you if...

  • You are looking to improve your tight, sore neck area
  • You work long hours on a computer or mobile phone
  • You are struggling with "tech neck" or forward head posture
  • You want to improve your neck posture end experience relief
  • You want a program that is easy to fit into your schedule with online video sessions that make a big difference in a short time

Included in Neck Function Fix:

  • 3 Neck Function Fix Sessions - 15-20 minute workouts that include tissue release, targeted stretching and strengthening to give you lasting results
  • Instant Relief - an on-the-go, 10 minute session you can do any time you need to feel quick relief
  • Full Stretching Routine - a complete stretching routine to help you release tightness, improve function and restore 
  • Everyday Ergonomics - a complete guide on setting up your home, office and life to preserve the results you get from the program



This program is NOT for you if...

  • You do not like online learning - you have a hard time following online workout videos and replicating the movements seen on screen.
  • You are not a visual or auditory learner.
  • You do not have the time for the 15-20 minute Function Fix sessions.
  • You have physical conditions that could be impacted negatively by doing this program.
  • You do not have reliable online access, or a suitable smartphone, tablet or computer to access the workout program.
  • You are not interested in your workouts being related to improving your neck posture and function.

Start today.

Start today and feel immediate improvements in your posture.

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