Work out on land and feel stronger and more confident in the water. 

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Don't wait until your next dive. Strength for Scuba Divers targets your strength, endurance, balance, and core stability in a structured workout program.

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What people are saying:

"This is a great fitness program for divers of any level that will improve your capabilities in and out of the water, your energy, and overall fitness. New, experienced, technical, and professional divers can all benefit from this program." - Jake, diving instructor, 500 dives

"This program was challenging and rewarding!  I did it over 12 weeks. I had significant improvements in my core strength and overall endurance.  I was better able to stay in trim and saw increases in my dive time.  These benefits extended to everyday life with improved posture and increased strength overall." - April, rescue diver

"Strength for Scuba Divers targeted areas I was not aware needed to be worked. I saw improvements in not only my diving health but my overall physical health in general. Any weekend warrior diver or professional alike can improve their skills through this program."  - Derek, diving instructor

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About this program:

  • Suitable for all levels of divers and all fitness levels
  • Beginner-friendly start with continuous difficulty progression throughout the program
  • Modifications provided to make your workout less or more challenging
  • Six phases with six workouts in each phase -  36 unique workouts
  • Complete the program in six weeks, or at your own pace
  • The program design allows you to repeat the program as many times as you like and keep on progressing
  • Workout at your gym, or completely from home with minimal equipment needed
  • 30-60 minute workouts (depending on program phase and personal fitness level)

Workout goals:

  • Increase your strength and endurance on diving related movements patterns
  • Get more core strength and stability
  • Become more confident picking up and carrying your equipment
  • Improve your balance

Program details:

  • Completely online access to all program materials
  • 36 workouts with video demonstrations and detailed instructions for each exercise so you can start your program with no previous experience
  • You control your entire workout: Stop and start the workout instructions any time. No follow along workouts so you can workout without watching a screen. Check on and improve your technique when you need it.
  • PDF workout guide for each workout
  • EXTRAS: Warm up, stretches and additional balance training

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You do not like online learning - you have a hard time following online workout videos and replicating the movements seen on screen
  • You are not a visual or auditory learner (subtitles on screen are provided for all instructions). If you prefer in person, hands on experiences for your workouts (for in-person training in the San Diego area, contact us).
  • You have physical conditions that could be impacted negatively by doing this program
  • You do not have reliable online access, or a suitable smartphone, tablet or computer to access the workout program
  • You are not interested in your workouts being related to improving your diving, and you are not excited by the improvements enough commit to 6 week program


What kind of improvements can I expect to make by doing this program?

Divers who completed this program felt stronger, had more energy, and noticed a big difference in core strength. They had an easier time maintaining trim (body positioning) for extended dives, improved core and glute engagement, and more strength holding their knees up. They felt less fatigue and more endurance. One dive instructor noticed an improved ability to keep up with younger students.

Will I be following along the entire workout with each video?

No, you will get instructional videos that break down and explain each exercise in each workout. This will help you learn, understand, and implement each movement in the workout. Each workout comes with a workout guide, which is a pdf document telling you how many repetitions to do of each exercise. You’ll have an instructional video you can watch before a workout (or you can also watch it as a part of your workout, like some of our divers who watch the video while doing a warm-up walk on the treadmill.)

I know how to do the exercises already, do I need to watch the instructions again every time I want to work out? 

No! Each workout comes with an instructional video and a demonstration video that is a compilation of quick footage of each exercise. These videos make it easy to take a quick look at an exercise you already practiced. They are a quick video reference guide to go with your workout guide pdfs.


I’m sure I can just pull up a random workout video on google, why should I buy a whole program?

If you just want a quick workout and you don’t need to improve your diving skills, do that! This program was designed to hit all the areas scuba divers need. Our divers focus on these targets in each workout. The combination of workouts in this program covers all bases and fills in the gaps of non-specific workouts. 

Do you know what most divers say they do for core training when I talk to them? Crunches. Did they actually get the core strength and stability they wanted from doing crunches? No. That’s exactly why I made this program. If you want to just continue with what you have been doing before this, that’s perfectly fine. But if getting results that will mean actual improvements in your diving skills is important to you, this program provides you with well rounded training.

Do I really need to buy all this equipment? 

Double check the equipment list - some items are needed, while others are optional. The list shows you which phase the pieces of equipment appear on, so you can spread out getting them over time.

Why can’t I just workout with no equipment, are these things really necessary?

You can workout with your bodyweight only. You will do that during Phase 1 of the program. But you can't expect to keep gaining strength, endurance, and stability with just that alone. These workouts were designed to make the most with the least pieces of equipment. We need to hit several fitness goals and work out on land to improve your skills in the water, and that requires some added difficulty. You don't need anything from the optional list to make the basics of the program work for you - and you might find that you or your gym may already have some or most of the required equipment -  but the equipment will make a huge difference in your results.

I’m not very active at the moment and I can’t work out every day. Will this program still work for me?

Absolutely! There are 6 phases with 6 workouts each in the program, but you don’t have to work out every day. You can go at your own pace and repeat workouts or phases if you need more practice. We start with learning the basics of posture and movements so you can start even without an established workout routine and make gradual progress. Divers who complete the whole program say the gradual increase in difficulty helped them stick to the program long term, improving their skills and confidence over time instead of in an intimidating 0-100 increase.

I’m very active and I do all kinds of training. Is it still worth it for me to do this program?

If you’re a fitness fiend, some of the exercises in the program might be familiar for you and you might be able to progress more quickly. Your challenge will be the exercises and methods used to target diving related movements and fitness skills. The program is a fun way to round out your training and work on areas that are often not included in most mainstream workout protocols.

IMPORTANT - Equipment required

You can choose to work out at your gym, or completely from the comfort of your own home with access to minimal equipment.

Phase 1 requires NO equipment, so you can start the program immediately, from anywhere. For the detailed equipment list with purchase links, CLICK HERE.

This program was designed to use as little equipment as possible while making the most use of the equipment that is necessary. Some pieces are required by the program design while others are optional. The program design offers versatility and modifications for different pieces of equipment whenever possible.

You do not need to have the optional pieces of equipment to participate in the program, but they may enhance your experience.

Required equipment:

  • Loop bands,  Phase 2
  • Monster bands, Phase 2
  • Anchor for some banded exercises, Phase 2
  • Dumbbells, Phase 2
  • Swiss balance ball - Phase 2
  • Half balance ball (BOSU or similar brand) - Phase 3
  • Kettlebell,  Phase 4

Optional equipment:

  • Exercise bench, plyo box, or similar platform for support (Phase 2)
  • Hip thrust platform or steps
  • Hedgehog balance pods
  • Jumping rope
  • Core sliders
  • Exercise bike, rower, elliptical, or other cardio equipment for cardio workouts if preferred (There is only one cardio-based workout in each phase.)
  • Barbell, olympic barbell with weight plates, or other weight equipment for advanced participants on Phase 5-6.

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